Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Onde my god...

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but back in August I ordered some Phildar Onde from Breiweb. I had never ordered from anyone overseas before so wasn't sure exactly how long it would take. Well, after waiting 6 weeks, I figured I'd contact Breiweb about my order. They were surprised to hear that I hadn't received my package and sent out another shipment.

This time, I asked that the package be sent to my work address. So, yesterday I was treated to a delivery at work! Here's my latest entry into the stash:

The color isn't quit what I expected. From all of the pictures of this color combination -- jeans & ciel -- I was expecting a black to grey transition. The jeans is actually a dark, navy blue...hmm, similar to the color of dark washed jeans...I guess that makes sense, huh? The ciel looks like a very pale blue (more like a tint of blue) with a darker blue wrapped around it. This should fit very well into my blue-based wardrobe.

I'm too late to be part of the Onde-along. So, I guess I'll have my own Onde-alone some time soon.


Maya said...

I thought you took French in school? Jeans et Ciel: jeans and sky. Bleu, mais oui!

Even though it's not what you were expecting, it is tres belle!

Anonymous said... would think that my fine education would have helped me out in this situation. It seems that my monitor is seriously in need of a tune up... This is what the breiweb site shows:

Maya said...

No, it's not your monitor. I looked at it at work and home and I can see how it looks greyish. Weird.