Tuesday, March 08, 2005

31 days...

That's right, just one more month and the yarn diet is officially over. The good news is that I haven't added anything to my stash. The bad news is that I haven't been knitting enough to really reduce my stash, which was true goal of the yarn diet. The Onde raglan is the first project to be started with yarn from the stash. I have some Plymouth Italy Baby from Elann that I might use for Posy -- from last summer's Rowan mag.

Since there are only 31 days left in my yarn diet, I am also just 31 days away from my birthday! I'm already trying to think of something that I could treat myself to. I'm thinking about buying myself a good blocking board. I have managed to block my knitting fairly well either on the floor or the bed, but I think it's time to move up in the world. Luckily, I just got a discount code at Joann.com for 50% off. I think I'm going to order the Sew E-Z Board. With shipping, it will be $63...not shabby!

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