Monday, March 28, 2005

really fast knitting...

Last week, once I was done with the bulk of the Onde raglan, I swatched and cast on for the Rebecca Wrap. The pattern is in English, but there's something about the way that it is written that is very foreign still. Once I got the gist of the pattern, the two sleeves went by quickly. I have also finished the back.

I'm working with Knitpick's Andean Silk. So far, I really like this yarn. I think it might be a little thicker than Soft Kid, which the pattern calls for. But, I was able to get my stitch gauge on size 8 needles, and the row gauge isn't too far from what the pattern says. The yarn is soft and fairly easy to work with. And, It doesn't shed too much.


Anonymous said...

Not quite having the gauge is what we have blocking for, right?

I'm still here, planning a lovely package for you. It's probably going to be one big one.

In the meantime, my kitty sends his regards to yours, rescues are the best pets!!


needleGirl said...

So far, the wrap looks great, and I plan on blocking this project into submission. Hopefully that will make the eyelet pattern really show up.

Auggie has really settled in nicely. I'm so glad I got her when I did. It's almost kitten season in DC, and the Humane Society said that the shelter gets filled with babies from April through August. I don't think I could run around after a teeny kitten...Auggie is already a handful.