Friday, February 17, 2006

short attention span...

I have a lot of ground to cover today. AF and I are having some people over tonight for dinner, and before they get here, I need to:

  • hem and put up the curtains we bought at IKEA in January
  • Hang icicle lights around the living room
  • finish putting away the laundry I did earlier this week
  • have lunch with my parents
  • make a trip to the grocery store to figure out what I'm serving for dinner

    But I'd rather be enjoying the great gifts that AF got me for Festivus.

    AF did a great job this year...He finally listened when I told him that I always keep an Amazon wish list. Now, I need to talk him into making me this for our entryway.

    Thankfully, I'm off today and have time to do most of this stuff. And, maybe, I'll even be able to work in some knitting time, too.

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