Wednesday, May 25, 2005

at a snail's pace...

Over the weekend, my knitting hit a speed bump. It's partly due to hanging out with friends, and partly helping a friend through a hard time/tough situation. I've been trying to kick-start my knitting but all I manage is a few rows on the way to work and a few more on the way home...I still haven't gone back on fixed the toe of my sock. And, I'm at the point where I should either stop working on Toledo (so I will have mine to show Anne the short-row shaping for the neck), or I can rush on through to the end. Anne has made slow progress on her shell. If I wait for her, I might not finish the shell until mid to late-June. She hasn't asked me to wait for her, so I'm leaning toward finishing the project and moving forward to something new.

Back to my own reduced knitting pace. Perhaps, I'm really just in a funk after such an odd weekend. Or, maybe, I've just become bored with my current projects. I guess what I'm looking for is some inspiration! So, what should I knit next? Maybe picking my next project will be the incentive I need to finish off Toledo and my sock.

Well, I know that one of the upcoming projects will be to knit Sock #2...not the inspiration I was thinking of. I believe I've mentioned Posy, from Rowan #35. Then, there's the twisted rib sweater from Vintage Knits. Or, how about Jenny, from Rowan #37?

Whatever I choose, I want to use something from my stash...I've got some Rowan Cotton Glace, and some Handknit DK...Oh, and some yarn that is really similar to 4-ply Cotton. It shouldn't take much to find a pattern that I like.

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Rachel T said...

It happens to the best of us. I actually try to alternate knitting and other stuff on the commute to keep everything feeling fresh and new. ANd then I have a week like this one where I realize how much sewing I have to do, so I got out and get two boxes full of yarn and cast on three or four projects at once.