Monday, May 02, 2005

trying not to freak out...

So, do you want to know what I really did this weekend?

  1. Took my Mom to lunch on Saturday as an early Mother's Day celebration since I won't be in town next weekend.
  2. Went shopping, but not in the good way. I spent Saturday searching for a strapless bra and jewelry to wear in the wedding next weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't find jewelry and I'm unhappy with the bra I bought...I'll have to go to another store. Argh.
  3. Went shopping again...still not in the good way. My BF, who is not in the wedding party, didn't realize until late last week that he needed new dress shoes, shirt & tie. He insisted that we go to Nordstrom Rack...It took three hours for him to find what he wanted.
  4. Cleaned 2/3 of the apartment
  5. Laundry -- I still have one more load to take care of when I get home tonight.
  6. Attached crochet bits to the multi-media SP4 project...Yes, I realize I'm really late now. This package will go to the post office tomorrow.

I'm tired and grumpy today. I'm thinking about making a sign to wear around my neck to warn people that it's best to just stay away from me. And, I don't see the week getting any better. I'll just have to trudge through with as much grace as I can muster.

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Anonymous said...

So much blowage. I hate starpless bras.