Monday, May 16, 2005

works in progress...

Yesterday, I got together with my friend Anne to work on Toledo. She had started one of the pieces but got stuck once she got to the part of the chart that included a "K2tog, yfwd twice, K2tog tbl." On the wrong side you P1 into front, then back of the double yfwd. This makes a whole large enough to thread a braid of contrast yarn through. Anne picked up this maneuver very quickly and marveled over her handy work.

I had completed the front half of this shell on Friday, while enjoying my day off. Saturday morning, I cast on for the second half so that I would be able to demonstrate the stitch pattern for Anne. I will probably work this piece up until the shoulder and neck shaping so that I can use it to teach Anne the short row shaping.

I'm also still slugging away at my first sock. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the foot/instep. This is the first project that actually makes the joints in my hands tense. So, I've been trying to alternate between the sock and Toledo. I'm about 15 rows away from shaping the toe.

Surprisingly, those are the one two projects that I'm really working on right now. I'm trying to think of what I want to start next. I might also take some time to go through my UFOs and determine if any of them should be ripped. I can think of at least one project that I'm certain will not be finished.

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dlishtrish said...

They do get easier! The first one is the hardest sock to knit because you are figuring out stucture, pattern, and just getting your groove on.

Also, I may be back up your way soon. Email me if you want details.